Booking terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions for any ride, walk, course or activity booked with Nigel Parrish ( New Forest Navigation & Wessex Adventures)

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Booking terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions for any ride, walk, course or activity booked with Nigel Parrish ( New Forest Navigation & Wessex Adventures)

These Booking Terms & Conditions apply to the booking of any Nigel Parrish (also trading as New Forest Navigation and Wessex Adventures (“Nigel Parrish (t/a)”) rides/walks/activities/s (including guided walks, courses and activities booked with Nigel Parrish MIAS level 2 MTB leader (rides including guided rides, navigation by bike, workshops and courses) or other activity/ies booked with Nigel Parrish) (“the rides/walks/activity/s”) set out in “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” booking confirmation.

These Booking Terms & Conditions contain important information concerning participation by you and members of your party (“participant/s”) and, accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that you shall ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept these Booking Terms and Conditions. No variation to these Booking Terms & Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing by “Nigel Parrish (t/a)”. Any typographical clerical or other error or omission in any booking confirmation or other documentation issued by Nigel Parrish trading as “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” (including any electronic documentation) shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Nigel Parrish trading as New Forest Navigation/ Wessex Adventures. (on revision date)

Booking and payment

Booking Confirmation: A rides/walks/activities booking is considered confirmed on receipt of a booking deposit or full payment and a completed Booking Form by the participant/s with “Nigel Parrish (t/a)”. Without both the booking form and deposit or full payment there is no contract with “Nigel Parrish (t/a)”. If you book less than 112 days/16 weeks (140 days/20 weeks for bespoke and outdoor skills rides/walks/activities/s) prior to the start of the rides/walks/activities full payment must be made to enter in to the contract. Only by prior, confirmed (email or written) arrangement can a booking be taken without payment (such as booking being made through a third party, who shall be considered a ‘Booking Agent’). A booking form will still have to have been completed and all/any ‘Booking Terms and Conditions’ agreed to. The booking will only be considered confirmed once participants have received written (email or letter) acknowledgment from “Nigel Parrish (t/a)”.

Payment of balance: The full amount is due not later than 112 days (16 weeks) or 140 days (20 weeks) prior to date of the rides/walks/activities start date. Should the full amount not be received in the specified time, Nigel Parrish trading as “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and the deposit shall become non-refundable. Payment can be made online on the website at the time of the booking using PayPal or using the payment instructions on the invoice. When a booking is made, all participants will have deemed to have agreed to the/these ‘Booking Terms and Conditions’. It is up to the Group Leader/Organiser/Person making booking to ensure these conditions are met and participants are made aware of them.

Cancellation & postponement (by us) and return of rides/walks/activities fees and deposits:

Rides/walks/activities payment or deposit will be returned in full without obligation and the booking considered cancelled if deemed necessary for any reasons by "Nigel Parrish (t/a)". Only course fees will be returned and participants are advised to take out travel insurance to cover other costs such as travel and accommodation. Adverse weather or force majeure events: If a course is cancelled due to adverse weather (usually when a weather warning has been issued) or force majeure events then alternative course dates will be offered to participants. Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances.Course fees only will be returned and participants are advised to take out travel insurance to cover other costs such as travel and accommodation.

A telephone number that rides/walks/activities participants/organisers can be contacted on up 72 hours prior to the rides/walks/activities start time and on the day of the rides/walks/activities must be supplied when making a booking. This number will be used to notify participants of any cancellation, change of start location or other changes to the rides/walks/activities and as such "Nigel Parrish (t/a)" cannot be held responsible should we fail to contact you on the supplied contact number to notify you of these changes.

Requests for cancellations Your date of cancellation is on the date we acknowledge the cancellation. Any requests for cancellation must be made by one of these methods: By phone, by email or in writing. The rides/walks/activities is only considered cancelled when you have received written or acknowledged email confirmation from “Nigel Parrish (t/a)”. Cancellation fees will apply, based on a percentage of the full rides/walks/activities/activity price as detailed; 365 to 112 days prior to rides/walks/activities start date retention of deposit or 25%. 111 days to 84 days prior to rides/walks/activities start date retention of 50%. 83 to 55 days to rides/walks/activities start date retention of 75%. 54 to 0 days to rides/walks/activities start date retention of 100%. Where possible an alternative rides/walks/activities date (postponement) will be offered in lieu of cancelled rides/walks/activities (see admin fee/charges). No refunds on the day for anyone who does not turn up or turns up late. Balance due on the day will remain for the numbers booked. Whilst we will always do our best to ensure that activities go ahead as advertised, we reserve the right to make any changes or cancel walk/activities due to circumstances beyond our control. If we have a rides/walks/activities that does not meet the minimum required participation numbers we have the right to book you on another mutually agreeable rides/walks/activities or offer a full refund. This will not usually happen within 28 days of the rides/walks/activities start date. We cannot accept any responsibility for cancellations (at any times) through situations of Force Majeure; war, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, unsuitable conditions or any such conditions outside our control.

rides/walks/activities postponement A request can be made to postpone a rides/walks/activities to another rides/walks/activities date. The postponement may/will be accepted if the original rides/walks/activities place/s can be filled, and the request is made within 55 days prior to the rides/walks/activities date. An admin fee may be charged if the rides/walks/activities place is postponed (this will apply for walk/activities booked and paid for and those that are being paid for with a voucher).

Admin fees and charges An admin fee minimum charge of £7.50 or 25% of the full cost may be charged to postpone a rides/walks/activities date, to process a refund or alter the original booking date. If a refund is made for the full cost cost at the request of the participant Paypal processing fees will be deducted in addition to the admin fee.

Rides/walks/activities cancellation or curtailment due to external or other factors whilst under way rides/walks/activities may have to be cancelled, curtailed or modified due to external factors such as hazardous/extreme weather, safety considerations (if the rides/walks/activities is already underway) or other factors beyond the control of “Nigel Parrish (t/a)”. This may take place whilst the rides/walks/activities is under or at short notice before the rides/walks/activities commences. Each activity is assessed for risk and control measures include curtailing a rides/walks/activities, shortening the rides/walks/activities duration, changing the original route and objectives or rides/walks/activities cancellation at short notice.

Cancelled by us: If the rides/walks/activities is due to commence within the next 72 hours and cancelled by “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” for reasons other than adverse weather or force majeure events then a full refund or a suitable alternative will be offered by “Nigel Parrish (t/a)”. rides/walks/activities cost/s only will be refunded (participants should have adequate insurance to cover other costs). The time of cancellation will be the time the leader has informed the participant/s and received an acknowledgement or the actual time participants return to the start location/agreed end location.

Multiple day/s activities/walks: If a rides/walks/activities is cancelled after it has started then the refund amount will be a percentage of the full rides/walks/activities costs paid dependant on the rides/walks/activities duration and how much time has elapsed since the rides/walks/activities commenced and the time the rides/walks/activities has ended. Day 1 commencement time to 09:59 on day 2 - 35% will be retained by “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” and 65% will be refunded to the participant/s. 10:00 day two to 17:59 day 2 - 60% will be retained by “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” and 40% will be refunded to the participant/s. 18:00 day 2 to 07:59 on day 3 80% will be retained by “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” and 20% will be refunded to the participant/s. After 08:00 on day 3 the rides/walks/activities will have been considered as completed and no refund will be made to participants. For outdoor skills walk/activities the end time of the rides/walks/activities will be the time participants have physically returned to the original starting location or agreed end location.

Acknowledgment of risk

Your booking is based on your acceptance of the risk inherent in outdoor activities. Whilst we ensure that all activities are as safe as possible, all clients must take sensible precautions to minimise any risk to himself or herself. Participants accept that there are inherent risks that could result in injury or death and accept risks involved and shall be responsible for your own activities/actions and/or involvement. These booking conditions must be passed to all members of the party by the group leader to ensure their full understanding of the risks and responsibilities involved. We reserve the right to change any activity whilst it is underway if, in the guide/instructors judgement this is in the best interest of the group. We also reserve the right to alter an itinerary for any reason that we deem important and will endeavour to inform the rides/walks/activities participants as soon as possible.

Risk for cycling

You (and all) participant/s is/are fully aware and agree that there are inherent risks associated with cycling off road* and accept such risks when you book and undertake a ride with Nigel Parrish. Each participant must follow safety guidance and agrees to participate fully in measures the ride leader (Nigel Parrish) undertakes and instructs to mitigate such risks. Each participant will bring a bicycle suitable for the expected activity.

The participant/s bicycle must be suitable for the expected activity. A suitable bicycle should be a substantial off road capable mountain bike, with suitable tyres and of the correct size in fully legal working order

ALL participants included on the same booking must read and agree to the ride description, wear and bring suitable clothing, equipment and bring all the mandatory items required to keep your bike in working order for the duration of the course. All bicycles and equipment will be checked prior to the ride commencing. Any person without a suitable bicycle or without mandatory items of equipment will not be able to take part.

Off road rides Off-road rides may include sections that are on-road, as well as sections* on unsurfaced tracks including bridleways, gravel paths, forest tracks and dedicated mountain bike trails. These may include natural trail features** (such as roots, rocks, drops), fast technical descents with a loose or very worn surface, overgrown or overhung sections and technical ascents and descents that are shared with other users. Sections may also include man made trail features** such as jumps, berms, drops and boardwalks on blue and red on the bike trail grading system. Participants are also personally responsible for riding within their own ability and should stop and dismount where a section would put them at risk. All cycling activities are risk assessed. The ride leader is qualified, fully insured and first aid trained. Off-road rides may include road crossings over, or on roads, or byways that are are open to all forms of vehicles. *This is not a complete list of all-off road surfaces, natural trails features or man made features but are provided as examples.

Suitability for the activity

It is your responsibility to ensure that you (Participant/s) are suitably equipped, adequately fit and experienced to undertake the activity that you are booking. You must inform us in advance of any medical conditions, allergies and/or special requirements, dietary or otherwise that could affect your participation in any activity. A full suggested clothing and equipment list will be supplied and those undertaking walk/activities should ensure they are adequately equip including wearing suitable footwear for the rides/walks/activities they are undertaking. Nigel Parrish trading as “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” reserves the right curtail, postpone or cancel a participants activity/ies if they are not suitable equip. We do accept dogs on some (contact prior to booking to check) walk/activities but it is the owner’s responsibility for its welfare and the safe and responsible control on farmland and near livestock and that the does not in any way interfere with the enjoyment and learning of other participants. Statement of Physical Ability: Each participant should/will ensure/declare that they have an adequate level of fitness in order to take part fully in the activity that you wish to book (If in any doubt, consult a doctor or a medical professional before booking/taking part). If a participant on an outdoor skills rides/walks/activities cannot start an activity, or continue the activity due to being poorly or inadequately equip for the activity then “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” reserves the right to make no refund to the participant. In situations where a participant is unable to complete a rides/walks/activities due to being unsuitable for activity (excluding accidents/emergencies) it will be the responsibility of that participant to arrange a return to the start location, end location or to be picked up on route.

Special requests and medical requirements

If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability which may affect your booking, it is a condition of booking that you contact us before you make your booking, and provide us with full details. If “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” is unable to properly accommodate the needs of the person(s) concerned, we will not be able to confirm your booking. If you did not give full details at the time of booking, we can cancel your booking and impose applicable cancellation charges as soon as we become aware of these details. It is also your responsibility to make “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” fully aware of your medical requirements or special dietary requirements upon arrival as an additional safeguard.

Insurance, complaints and privacy policy

You are strongly recommended to take out personal travel insurance for all members of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase is adequate and appropriate for your particular needs.In the unlikely event of any problems or complaint these should be brought to our attention as soon as possible. We respect your privacy and all personal information is stored in accordance with our privacy policy. No personal information will be passed on for any reason except to those organising your activity.

Children and young people under 18 years old

Nigel Parrish does not hold a Adventure Activities licence.

ANY participant under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied on the activity by their parent or legally appointed guardian. There is no exemption where children (under 18 years old) are accompanied by other responsible adults, regardless of their relationship to the child. Accompanied means taking part or being close enough to do so.

Conduct on a rides/walks/activities

Participants are expected to follow all safety instructions and not to act in any way that compromises the safety, enjoyment, learning or well-being of himself or herself and other participants. Conduct that is considered to be disruptive, contrary to good order or prejudicial to the interest of safety shall entitle Nigel Parrish trading as “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” to remove a person from participation of any rides/walks/activities, without any liability on “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” to make a refund. *The consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs or illegal stimulants is not permitted on any rides/walks/activities

Subsequent instruction by participant/s

All “Nigel Parrish (t/a)” rides/walks/activities are taught by a qualified & capable Leader, however, it is not intended that any instruction that is given to any participant(s) while on a rides/walks/activities will in any way qualify that or those participant(s) to instruct any third party and no warranty is made to that effect

Voucher terms and conditions

Vouchers must be bought and paid for before they can be redeemed. A PDF voucher will be email to the person purchasing the voucher to gift to someone else. The voucher can only be used to book a Nigel Parrish rides/walks/activities or outdoor skills rides/walks/activities and no refunds will be given after the voucher has been paid for if it remains unused (chat to us if you want to extend the voucher expiry). The voucher amount (value purchased) must be equal to or greater than the price of the rides/walks/activities being booked when the recipient books a rides/walks/activities (in some cases prices may have risen since the original voucher was purchased). The voucher recipient will complete a rides/walks/activities booking form using the 'rides/walks/activities not listed' option and enter a value of xero or the additional amount required and agree to the booking terms and conditions. Vouchers must be redeemed (used) by the date stated on voucher and any rides/walks/activities booked by the recipient must take place on/before the date stated on the voucher.

Confirmation of booking terms and conditions

Acceptance of booking terms and conditions will be made when a booking form and/or payment has been completed. Additionally all participants will sign a suitability to participate form at the start of the rides/walks/activities acknowledging risk and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Participants suitability to take part will also be assessed by the rides/walks/activities leader at commencement of the activity - any participant deemed to be unsuitable for the activity will not be able to take part.

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